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Come visit us at our 9,000 sq. ft. design studio, located in the iconic Ice house in Old Town Orange. Originally built in 1930 as a structure to manufacture ice, the building was designed as a cold storage machine to refrigerate citrus fruit, then process the fruit onto the adjacent railroad for distribution.  

We are a two minute walk from the railroad station and the shops and restaurants in Old Town Orange. 

The Ice house has since been transformed into a mixed-use facility consisting of offices, artist studios, and residential loft space. It weaves together historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and environmental responsibility, since the entire building, and many original components, have been recycled. The Ice House demonstrates the integration of art and architecture, an emergence of artistic culture and commerce. The machine for cooling is now a machine for living, with new energy sourced from sustainable design. 

Today we have repurposed the site as the ideal creative space for our engineering teams that includes:

  • Our industrial design studio 

  • The electronics design lab

  • An open space software development area

  • The mechanical engineering design and construction lab.

  • Optics Lab

  • Prototype assembly area and stock room


​Engineering development tools include numerous oscilloscopes, high sensitivity voltmeters, current probes, optical power meters, and FFT spectrum analyzers. Special tools based on our Core and Reactor embedded processor development system and are used for early development simulation.


Our Industrial Design lab includes a photography studio and a usability discovery room, with a separated observation area.


Mechanical development equipment includes FEA simulation software, multiple CAD workstations, multiple 3D printers, a CNC mill, lathe, manual mill, drill press, and a flame polisher.


The Optics lab includes Zmax software,  optical spectrum analyzers, optical power meters and alignment lasers.

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