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How do we do this in our design process?

We start by integrating the art of Industrial Design into the development process from day one until the release of the finished product. We do this by employing our Ideation process.


The Fusion Ideation process is a multi-day team exercise to identify and refine product development ideas. The development team, along with invited stakeholders and outside experts, meet to flush out design and development ideas optimized for a specific product. This technique is very effective in the early develop of a new product as well at any point where major design tradeoffs are to be considered, such as encountered in the development of a complex new instrument as well as in value engineering.


Concept brainstorming with team

Grouping and down selection of ideas


Concept Refinement

Grouped ideas into concepts

  •  Consider alternate approaches

  •  Improve reliability

  •  Ease of manufacturing


Continued refinement of mainstream concept

  •  Foam-core mock up built

  •  Try-storm for unknowns

  •  Review and Q&A


Critical component selection and costing


Finalization of concepts

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