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Designing from Finish to Start!

Updated: May 14, 2021

...Currently, most of the healthcare system works on a fee-for-service model and volume-based purchasing. CMS found from 2013 to 2022, group purchasing organizations are expected to generate volume-based savings of up to $864 billion for the U.S. health system. But volume can only bend the cost curve so far and buying on price can negatively affect outcomes. That’s where value-based models come into play.

Hospitals and IDNs are now wrestling with the problem of value (costs and outcomes), but many device companies continue to focus on new technology and incremental benefits. Pay-per-click revenue models have allowed device-only companies to create a “disposable-like” revenue stream. While it may avoid some capital expense up front, many of these devices are costlier in the long run. Point-of-care microfluidic devices have moved diagnostic tests closer to the patient and decreased time-to-result, but often tests cost more and rapid results are not necessary. Read More Here

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