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The Value of Attending and NOT Attending Conferences

Updated: May 14, 2021

Over the last few months, Fusion Biotec has taken the initiative to attend two conferences. Back in January, we had the privilege of exhibiting at SLAS for the first time. Featuring hundreds of leading providers of life science discovery and technology products and services, this event is a highly-rated convention experience. For Fusion Biotec, we wanted to explore more outside of the OC-bubble and to meet more potential clients.

More recently, we exhibited at the MD&M Conference hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center. Companies from near and far gathered to show off their latest creations, some of which had the potential to impact thousands of patients' lives. The MD&M Conference hoped to demonstrate the booming prosperity within the medical device field as thousands of companies attended.

Despite the grandiosity of the event, for a company like Fusion Biotec, this was a time to establish new leads and branch out to prospective clients. Over the years, the company has come to display their latest prototypes and projects at MD&M. This year, our company displayed four of our projects under wraps, including our digital microscope project, a project where we had image recognition, one with a cartridge for electronics and software and robotics, and a mock-up of a molecular diagnostic instrument.

At the time, the coronavirus was not very prevalent in the U.S. Despite that fact, we knew thousands of both domestic and international attendees would be walking by and visiting our booth. We made a conscious effort to wash our hands often and had hand sanitizer at our booth. As a company, we have not had any coronavirus cases to date.

In the last two weeks however, the disruption of COVID-19 has interfered with much of our lives. We continue contacting clients as we reduce our workforce to 50% in-office and 50% at home. We introduced team rotations, rescheduling, postponing scheduled meetings and virtual meeting formats where appropriate. Local networking events have also been cancelled or postponed. Two sessions that feed into annual events, the LARTA NIH CAP and SoCalBio Screening Committee meetings, are both being held virtually this week.

Fortunately being a SaaS-enabled company, our business model readily adapts to the remote, work environment. We are conducting client meetings via Zoom conference software, updating engineering documents online, using Smartsheets and Dropbox to stay connected and encouraging social distancing.

This also serves our client’s best interest as they are able to still monitor our progress. While we do advise caution, we are fully operational and want clients to know that we are still here for them. We cannot wait to reconnect with our colleagues and prospects again during future conferences, but in the meantime, we wish everyone good health and great spirits.

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