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We are off and running!

Updated: May 14, 2021

Our website is live! In our first blog, we'd like introduce ourselves and talk a little about what makes our company standout from the competition. Experience. We have done this before. The founders, Bruce Sargeant, Steve Maylish and Dave Hines have been in business of developing medical devices for over 30 years. Bruce co-founded Source Scientific in 1981, grew it to be an early leader in the creating instrumentation for clinical diagnostics, sold it in 1986, came back as CTO in 2005 to build it again into a leader in the engineering services market, finally being acquired by BIT in 2012.

Steve has had incredible success in developing business for local companies over the past 20 years. Working for Aubrey Group, he drove business to over $12m, at Source to over $14m....

Dave bring the Art into the design process, practicing product design as an independent consultant for over 20 years. We have worked with Dave on a number of winning products in the past and are proud to have him join us as part of the founding team.

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