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Why Manage, If You Can Lead?

Updated: May 14, 2021

Outsourcing a complex medical design is a complicated process. Once a service provider is chosen, it’s not enough to pass the ball to the development team and follow the usual script of managing deadlines and checking progress. Anyone who’s managed a complex design project knows it’s difficult enough to assemble a qualified team and keep everyone engaged—the management metaphor often used is “it’s like herding cats.” For this reason, many firms rightly emphasize the need for system-focused project managers to drive a project to a successful conclusion.

In recent years, however, companies are realizing successful projects have more to do with the leadership skills—rather than the management skills—of the project manager. Much has been written about how to become a great leader and whether it comes naturally or can be learned through practice. It’s worth discussing the important qualities of a great project leader, but it can be even more valuable to highlight tools and methods that actually help develop and guide a team toward a leadership structure, rather than management. Read more here.

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